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Katana Forging Process

Tatara smelter diagram

    • 1.bellows
    • 2.platform
    • 3.manifold
    • 4.furnace
    • 5.powder
    • 6.charcoal
    • 7.clay drier
    • 8.clay
    • 9.charcoal
    • 10.gravel
    • 11.stone
    • 12.coarse sand
    • 13.pine logs
    • 14.drainage channel
 Forging process Our fabrication begins with the selection of iron ore. The way how they pick up the iron ore is a secret of our masters. That’s also crucial for forging of the katana.

Iron ore, in the furnace which has a high temperature of 1350 degrees, is melted. Once the iron is refined, we pour it out and create the steel from iron.  
Our master Gassan hits and quenches it for several times, according to different requirements of carbon atom for different parts of the blade.

This crucial step in the fabrication of katana requests a very high level technology and abundant experience.

This step takes about 8 days.

 forging with application of clay
This is the most special process in the fabrication---forging with the clay. Application of the clay in different thicknesses to the blade allows the steel to cool more quickly along the thinner coated edge when plunged into the tank of water and thereby develop into the harder form of steel called martensite,


which can be ground to razor-like sharpness. The thickly coated back cools more slowly retaining the pearlite steel,characteristics of relative softness and flexibility


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